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Beginning Teachers’ Conference


There were over 300 beginning teachers at the conference from across Ontario.  A video of Premier Dalton McGuinty’s remarks to the conference can be found at  Below are comments from teachers who attended from Wellington:



I just wanted to thank you again for providing me with the opportunity to go to such an amazing conference. I really enjoyed the experience and found that it really inspired me as a new teacher! - Carolyn



I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to attend the beginning teacher conference! I had a great time and learned a lot....and also heard some very inspiring speakers! - Jaime Lynn



Joe Pece did a (Pension Workshop) presentation at the Beginning Teacher's Conference. It was REALLY informative, even for a new teacher! - Kate



I want to thank you for giving me the oppoutunity to go I really enjoyed myself.  I found my first session (Care for the Soul) really interesting as it focused on teachers that made a difference for us and how we aspire to be like them.  I also really enjoyed my third session on Inclusion in the classroom, it was very different then what I thought it would be but it was really well presented.  I however did not really like my second session as it was on NTIP but it was really geared towards those that are in contracts for the first time.  Where as the explanation when I read it was more open to all teachers then just those that are in first contracts.  I really enjoyed the guest lecturers on Friday (Premier Dalton, Damian Cooper and on Saturday I really found Joe Pece to be good information.  It was over all a positive experience I would only suggest that there be better explanations for the sessions as to what they are and also there to be more food on Saturday at the breakfast as we had a couple of people at our table (from Wellington CDSB) that did not get any food in the morning. - Tim



I attended the OECTA beginning teachers conference.  My favourite parts of the conference were the two keynote speakers - Damian Cooper and Lesley Andrews.  Damian Cooper talked about assessing by criterion which linked in with my learning at Schools in the Middle on using descriptive feedback and the importance of formative assessment.  Lesley Andrew spoke about beating the odds and becoming an artist/singer with a learning disability and was quite emotional and motivational.  I attended a workshop about inclusivity of homosexuality in our Catholic schools which was both eye-opening and inspiring.  Another workshop I found thought-provoking was one about Media in the classroom and what our classrooms should look like for the time that we're living in - like how we should focus more on collaborative work skills as opposed to independent work because these skills are used in the 'real world'.  I also enjoyed listening to the talk by Dalton McGuinty and hearing his perspective on standardized testing and funding for education. - Lindsay



Survive & Thrive is an online conference and resource centre, dedicated to beginning teachers in their first five years of professional practice, occasional teachers, teacher candidates and mentor teachers.  Visit their website at