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Wellness PD Workshop Mindfulness Tues Aug 28


Treasurer's Workshop Wed Aug 29


OTIP Wellness Conference  Tues Sept 25 Wed Sept 26


Grievance Officer Workshop Wed Sept 26 Thurs Sept 27


Beginning Teachers’ Conference Wed Oct 17 Thurs Oct 18

When Faith Meets Pedagogy Thurs Oct 25 Fri Oct 26 Sat Oct 27


Mat Leave Workshop After School Oct /Nov TBA


Pension Workshop Saturday Oct / Nov TBA


H and S Regionals Nov TBA


Women's Leadership Conference Thurs Nov 22 Fri Nov 23


OTIP Retiree Benefits Workshop Wed Oct 20 4 pm


Provincial AGM Fri March 8 to Mon March 11  Ottawa


Mat Leave Workshop Wed April 3


Collective Bargaining Regional   Spring TBA


Also look for Leadership Program Dates for Specialized Courses